The Top 10 Best Upcoming Bikes in Jan-Feb 2022

10 Best Upcoming Bikes in Jan-Feb 2022 so let’s start so today’s world, it has become a necessity to use vehicles for the conveyance of transport. There are many types of vehicles that are used by most of the people in this world to help them go from one place to another.

Vehicles nowadays have become not only the basic need of the people but it has become an ornament to enhance someone’s prestige and honor. People also buy well-looking vehicles to outshine their personalities.

Among many vehicles, Bikes are two-wheeler vehicles that can be used by one or two people and they are crafted in such a manner that glorify your personality and your honor by their catchy look.

In today’s world, many commoners and many celebrities too buy the royal and expensive Bikes although sometimes to show off and sometimes to popularize themselves on other Bikes are also a necessity to be used as the purpose of conveyances. For the motive of transport comfort with the fastest speed.

Many Bikes are trending throughout the world that one must know about like Royal Enfield Classic 350, KTM 200 Duke, Hero Splendor Plus, and many more. Now just get to know about some top 10 Best Upcoming Bikes in Jan-Feb 2022

Beyond diesel vehicles, in 2022 you are going to see electric vehicles and you can choose among them as they are very easy to ride, safe and reduce your cost to be spent on raising petrol rates so have look at these vehicles which are as follow:


It is a scooter for two people which can be used electrically and it is an already existing scooter on normal traditional engines but in 2022 you can see its new version the electric would have the same performance.

Price – 1.2 Lakh.


okinawa cruiser

 It is one of the finest scooters with battery charging up to 4kWh, it has a top speed with 100kmph and it has the automatic feature where you do not need keys plus it gives you mobile charging comfort and its range 120km.

Price – 1 Lakh


vektorr husqvarna

This scooter can also come under the brand of KTM although it’s small but has the finest and modern looking design. It is coming over the platform of the scooter of Bajaj Chetak. It is one of the comfortable scooters.

Price-1.3 Lakh.

KOMAKI Electronic

komaki electric

It is going to be India’s first electric cruiser which is going to be on its way to shine in the world with its outstanding features which involve cruise control, giving you the pleasure of Bluetooth and ABS. It has a battery with 4kWh and a range of up to 250km.

Price – 1.2 Lakh.


yezdi roadking

This is going to launch an amazing bike for the road under Yezdi one would road ruler and another one would be an adventurous bike they have an engine capacity of 293cc| 26.5PS and 27 Nmand it involves fantastic features like scrambler design, Spoke Wheels and Raised Front Fender. And mainly be for offroading.

Price – 1.6-1.7 Lakh


yezdi adventure bike

Another bike under YEZDI is the adventure bike with the phenomenal feature as mentioned above the scrambler design, Spoke Wheels, and Raised Front Fender. With the motive of adventure on offroading and long road trips. With an engine capacity of 293cc 26.5PS and 27Nmand. One of the exclusive bikes that enhances your personality with its amazing design.

Price – 1.6-1.7 Lakh.

ROYAL ENFIELD Super Meteor 650

royal enfield meteor 650

Have a look at other Upcoming bikes of the next year 2022. It is a vehicle with an engine capacity of 648cc and its power and torque are 47.6PS and 52Nm. It would have the same engine that interceptors have and it would provide you with a comfortable seat. Have one of the finest designs with vibrant colours that attract the eyes of individuals.

Price – not known


jawa cruiser

It is another engine vehicle coming in the market with an engine capacity of 334cc including the power of 30PS with a torque of 32.74Nm. This Upcoming bike has fantastic and outstanding features which include Retro Styling, Teardrop-shaped fuel tank, and Spoke alloy wheels. It is one of the finest works of vehicles that one must look upon and know about.

Price- 2 Lakh

2022 KTM RC 390

ktm rc 390

This Upcoming bike is already launched globally and now going to launch in India in Jan or Feb. It is going to be one of the finest and most comfortable vehicles, somewhat similar to the KTM RC 200. It is a vehicle that you must try and look upon that is coming on the way to show its elegance and amazing features in the market. So get ready for this model.

Price – not known


honda cbr

 Next on the list is an outstanding and fantastic vehicle Honda CB300R. Is on the way to being launched in 2022 and is going to come on at the end of Feb. The major difference from others is that it is going to be BS-VI and it is most comfortable with good speed and has been manufactured amazingly. Not much price difference.

Price – 2.4-2.7 Lakh.

These are some of the Bikes that are Upcoming in fantastic and top 10 Best Upcoming Bikes in Jan-Feb 2022 that one with good speed and are going to be comfortable with providing you with the pleasure of offroading and adventure that one must know about.

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