Types of automatic transmission | Best automatic transmission in cars

Let’s explain automatic transmission so we know in today’s world, we all need some of the other vehicles to travel from one place to another and some medium that can help you in less time with all comfort that can make their way easy to travel from one place to another.

So the convenience was developed to take you from one place to another and in that the most popular were the cars and that were the four-wheeler vehicles which had the availability of taking a large group of people in them.

Cars are a vehicle that stands out to be the best vehicles that help you to take from one city to another city and help you to save your time from reaching one destination to another and also give you the benefit of going on trips with your family.

Nowadays there are many variations that can be seen in cars. Firstly there are big cars, small cars then medium cars with different colors designs and features in them. There are different types of cars that one may know.

Different types of cars involve many cars like a 4 seater car then there is 5 seater car and also 6 seater car. Then there is a car with different facilities like a car that runs on petrol or diesel or the one that runs on CNG with some cars running manually then some car running automatically.

Then as we know that science has taken so much development and upliftment in their studies and research that there has been enhancement in the technologies because of which the world has become advanced and modernized.

With this advancement and modernization in technology, the world has also reached its hands to the cars to enhance the way of traveling for the people with proper comfort and facilities that one must know about and look upon.

Then many different cars were introduced with the advancement of technology which includes many types of car-like sunroof cars then there is an automatic featured car there is a hill assist featured car and now we will have the best automatic transmission car.

In this article, we are going to read about what automatic transmission cars are and then there are various variations and forms of automatic transmission cars with their benefits and disadvantages.

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So before going further first let us know about what automatic transmission is in cars.

Source:- The Engineer post

If we talk about automatic transmission in cars then it is a function where you do not need to do anything. In other words in motor cars, there is a function where drivers do not need to shift the gears from time to time to run a car rather the gears will shift and function automatically in cars.

It is the automatic way of running the gears of the car and where the driver has the freedom from gears and provides comfort to the driver with this automatic transmission function and this has been so trendy nowadays.

But the question arises that how does automatic transmission works in the cars and what we need to do, so to know it has a look here carefully:

It can be very helpful for you and at the same time give you comfort and relief from using the manual way of running the car with help of pushing the gears and help to run your car automatically with the gears by pressing a button.

Source:- Motoroctane
  • Firstly your gear should be parked on the left side.
  • Now put your foot on the brake and gently press down
  • then you have to start the car with the help of your key
  • Or you can also use the start button by pressing it
  • And at the same time, your foot you be still on the brake
  • Now move the shifter towards the β€˜D’ if you want to drive
  • Or move your shifter towards β€˜R’ if you want to reverse

Now one may think that it would be difficult to use automatic transmission in cars but one must know that it is very easy to use automatic transmission gears by following a few steps, so have a look :

These are some easy steps that you need to follow while using the automatic transmission function in a car which will be helpful and which will be very easy for you to learn the automatic transmission in your car.

After that, there are also many variation actions and forms of different automatic transmission in the cars that one must look upon and also know about which provide you with a lot of benefits and comfort. So let us have a brief knowledge about them and have a look at it which following.

There are five types of automatic transmission which involves AMT, CVT, DCT, torque Converter, and IMT which are as follow:

AMT ( Automated Manual Transmission) Automatic transmission

The first and the foremost type in an automatic transmission in a car is AMT which is further also known as semi-automatic gear transmission it is a process where an individual does not need to shift the clutch and there is no pedal for clutch and here the driver just needs to relax except the sensor and actuators does the function and shifting of gear.

Source:- Motoroctane

 but as the name suggests automated manual transmission or semi-automatic transmission so the driver has to manually use the gears shifting it upwards and downwards when needed. This is what AMT cars are. In this, you just need to focus on the accelerator and brake.

Advantages of AMT

  • Of course, it is automatic so there is less maintenance cost.
  • It provides the higher safety of the driver.
  • Provide many comforts to the driver with no clutch system.
  • As it really on a computer or automatic use so fuel is less used.

Disadvantages of AMT

  • There is a higher risk of getting electronic issues as everything is automatic.
  • Higher charges for repairing of car.
  • The less knowledge of the automatic car.
  • More expensive and complex this car can be.

CVT (Continuous Variable Transmission)

This is another type of automatic transmission where one does not need to use any gears, rather there are pulleys and one pulley is attached to the engine, the other one to wheels and there is the flexibility that connects it. Now, what happens according to your power of car the pulley changes, getting one side big another smaller.

Source:- Lesics

And you just need to start your car and upon starting your car and the power you use it automatically get it stable according to the power that car uses in it that one must know about and also look upon.

Advantages of CVT

  • It can change the gears in the ratio.
  • It has been the great result in for better fuel to the economy.
  • It also provides smoothness in driving.
  • It also provides comfort to the driver.

Disadvantages of CVT

  • There is the feel of delay in using accelerator.
  • Can be expensive for an individual.
  • The cost of repairing can be high.
  • The complex and hard way of using it.

DCT ( Dual Clutch Transmission)

Another most famous and trendy genre in the automatic transmission of the car that one must surely know about so it is a function as the name suggests dual which means two so here and here are no clutch pedals to be required here because it runs in a fully automatic way that one may know.

Source:- Lesics

Then you may think about the use of dual. Then you may know that there is no use of clutch here but here are two gears that are odd and even that run separately. That one causes it separately and has the power of using two gears in one car.

Advantages of DCT

  • Provide comfort of dual and automatic system.
  • It also provides fuel economy efficiency.
  • Then it has the smoother performance.
  • Then it gives a relaxing situation to man.

Disadvantage of DCT

  • It can be at times hard and complex to understand
  • And the repairing can be expensive

Torque Converters

Now let us know about another form of an automatic transmission, the torque converter one may know is that it is one of the most important components of an automatic transmission car and transmits the torque from the engine for the rotating of the driven load in the car that one must surely know about and look upon.

Source:- Lesics

In other words, one must learn that the torque converter is nothing but connecting the power source to the load and this helps the car to perform the automatic function in the car that helps them to perform its automatic function.

Advantages Of Torque Converters

  • It provides you with maxim smoothness while driving
  • And provide you maximum power
  • As there is a clutch pedal so it provides comfort

Disadvantage Of Torque Converters

  • It is come in very expensive model of car.
  • Sometimes hard and complex to understand

IMT (Intelligent Manual Transmission)

The most popular type of automatic transmission in cars is the most famous and trendy in the car is the intelligent manual transmission as the name suggests it has half-automatic function and half manual function in the car that one must know about. Here the clutch or clutch pedals are not available in the car but there are only accelerators and brakes.

Source:- Zigwheels

Now where the clutch is handled automatically giving relief to the driver on the same point the driver has to keep shifting the gears and brake to handle it with power that makes it manual also. Now the same way starts the car by putting gear and brake but there is no need to press the clutch as it is handled automatically.

Advantages of IMT

  • Provide you with the comfort of automatic mode
  • Complete control over the car
  • Smooth performance of the car

Disadvantage of IMT

  • Β It is very expensive to buy this car
  • Hard and complex to understand.

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What are the types of transmission?

There are three types of transmission IMT, DCT, Torque Converter.

Which is better AMT or manual?

AMT is better than manual transmission its fuel-efficient transmission.

What does CVT mean?

Continuously Variable Transmission this transmission does not require any manual gear chane as like AMT transmission.

So these are some of the different types of automatic transmission in cars that help you with comfort with its facilities and at the same time, it provides many benefits and disadvantages also that one may know.

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